The HENCHGRIPZ hexagon lighting solutions are simple and easy to install and use. Powered off your normal lighting circuit, they are supplied with a 250mm power cord for you to attach a domestic UK plug to, or hardwire into your existing lighting circuit No transformers or adapters are required. The grid consists of straight lengths of 6500k LED lightweight tubes, connected by easy fit 120 degree angle and 3 way Y connectors for you to assemble into any hexagon array. All of the angle connectors have mounting lugs on them allowing you to screw the entire array to a ceiling or wall. It is much easier to assemble the whole array, then have some one help you hold it up and attach to the ceiling. If you wish to make the grid larger, you can purchase extra lengths and connectors, please contact us for a custom requirement. If one tube fails, the whole system will still work. We have a 2 YEAR warranty on all items. NON Dimmable